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Space Sentinels (1977)

Space Sentinels – Episode 1: “Morpheus: The Sinister Sentinel” Created by Hal Sutherland
(The man responsible for: He Man, Flash Gordon, Fat Albert etc).

Via: Network Awesome.

Ikarie XB1 – Dir. Jindrich Polák (1963)

Back when sci-fi films were actually about ideas, emotions and of course, science, the Czechs produced this wonderful film Ikarie XB1 (US title: Voyage to the End of the Universe). see more…

It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy


We’ve designed this 70×100 poster for a new group show taking place at the Scion Gallery in Los Angeles. All the work in the show is inspired by a short sci-fi film directed by Jean-baptiste de Laubier, titled “It Was On Earth That I knew Joy” and will feature art by some great peeps, inc: DIY, Jonathan Zawada, Museum Studio, Sanghon Kim, Seb Jarnot, Akroe, Lowrider, Benbo George…  and many more! It’s all curated by Sixpack, and there is more info about the project here on their site. Opens on 20th Feb – Should be a good one I think.

The poster is screenprinted in 4 special colours and we should have some available in the shop soon.

The Tomorrow People

Another memory from my childhood. The Tomorrow People was a UK sci-fi series aimed at gullible kids like myself. The title sequence was beautiful.