Here We Come Cannes

Graffiti Rock (1984)

Bonus point if you spot Vincent Gallo. Graffiti Rock.

Merry Christmas from Tickle Finger Land!

Musikladen (1972-1984)

The (awesome) German Top of The Pops – Der Musikladen.

Raquel Welch

Chocky (1984)


Sapphire and Steel (1979)

Sapphire and Steel

Into The Labyrinth (1981)

Into The Labyrinth

Ludwig (1977)

Ludwig – another bizarre TV program the BBC inflicted upon my childhood.

Automan (1983-1984)


Mr. Benn

Very happy to read that the residents of Festing Road in Putney now have an engraved paving stone outside No. 52 in honour of my childhood friend Mr. Benn and his creator David McKee. I’m hoping they do one for Danger Mouse in Parliament Square next.

Great Space Coaster – Intro (1981)

Classic intro to 80s kids TV series Great Space Coaster.