Italian Found Type


I’ve been away (again), this time type-spotting in the Italian Riviera. Lovely.

Butterfly Spotting


I’ve been away, Butterfly spotting in Slovakia.



I’ve been on a little trip to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Lovely.
Good caves and insects there too.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone. Good luck and all the best for the year ahead.

Zombie Zombie – Battleship Potemkin


This weekend I’ve been in Paris to see our pals Zombie Zombie play a live score to Battleship Potemkin at the very nice amphitheater in Cité de la Musique. Great show, and an interesting audience – 50% Parisian hipsters X 50% Parisian OAPs? – but somehow it all came together and judging by the triple standing ovation at the end most people seemed to have enjoyed themselves. I’m hoping for more shows like this next year please.

Bojnice Castle

I’ve just arrived back from a little trip to Slovakia. One of the highlights of the visit was spending a day at the lovely Bojnice Castle. Highly recommended if you ever find yourself stranded in the Slovak countryside.

Zurich Love Parade

On Saturday I spent a wet, but fun day at the Zurich love parade. A very strange day for me that started by getting propositioned by a group of swingers in a Thai Restaurant and ended with me wearing a pink wig dancing to Paul Van Dyk. Can’t wait for next year!

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I’m working from Switzerland at the moment. I grew up on a South London council estate so I’m not really used to working with views like this.

Cannes Fun

I’m still in Cannes. Few more pix after jump…

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Cannes Film Festival 2009

I’m currently at the Cannes Film Festival once again. We have an amazing office this year (above). If I eventually sober up I’ll post some pix of what we’re getting up to (but no promises!)

A Few More From Tokyo

One last hit from Tokyo before I return to the madness.

Last few pics below…

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More Tokyo

I’m still in Tokyo.

Few more pics below…

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