Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings one and all. We’ll be back for more next year please.
More of these nice Russian cards over here ->



I’ve spent the morning admiring this new publication from Unit Editions, which tells the amazing story of Polish design magazine Projekt. Lovely. Highly recommended.


I think Quatro probably had a lot to do with me wanting to become a Graphic Designer as a kid in the 80s?

The Visualisation of Magnetic Fields

Beautiful investigations to demonstrate the visualisation of magnetic fields by Michael Snyder.

Happy Easter!


Vegreville Pysanka

Lucifer Keychain


Following the T’shirt and the Jacket, we now have the rather lovely Lucifer keychain! In stock at Sixpack now…

Walking in Angus


It’s always a treat to get good stuff through the letterbox. This nice little print recently popped through ours courtesy of the good folk at Grampian Mountains

Black Swan Shop


Fox Searchlight have launched a new online shop stocking a range of Black Swan merchandise that they’ve produced, including T’shirts, posters and the very first mouse mat to feature a La Boca design.

Russian Smokes


Courtesy of the Cox-Dorée Institure.

Haunted Air

haunted air coverhaunted_air_8haunted_air_7haunted_air_6haunted_air_5haunted_air_4haunted_air_2haunted_air_1

Haunted Air is a beautiful new book by Ossian Brown, featuring his collection of anonymous Hallowe’en photographs, lovingly resurrected from garage sales and junk shops across America. The images are both chilling and intriguing, and remind us of a time when this Pagan tradition meant something far more than selling themed goods. There’s a foreword by David Lynch, and (more importantly) a rather poetic afterword by long-time La Boca friend, colleague and inspiration, Geoff Cox (described as “ornate and bejewelled writing” on 6Music a couple of weeks ago). Essential viewing/reading we think.

Available at Amazon now.

Published by Jonathan Cape
ISBN: 978-0224089708

Stereo Stack


Very fine collection of vintage Stereo strips from the good people at Jive Time Records.

Commodore 64


As a kid I adored my Commodore 64. Games came on tape and could take 45min to load (if you were lucky), but still, I loved it. I’m sure at the time I understood perfectly well what was going on in these games – but looking at them now I don’t know how (I’m still digging the graphics and music though!)

Anyway, Mr. DerSchmu has an excellent archive of longplay videos if you’re interested…