Commodore 64 – 80s Italian Advert

If only TV advertising was still as engaging today. Excellent 1980s Italian ad for the Commodore 64.

Commodore 64


As a kid I adored my Commodore 64. Games came on tape and could take 45min to load (if you were lucky), but still, I loved it. I’m sure at the time I understood perfectly well what was going on in these games – but looking at them now I don’t know how (I’m still digging the graphics and music though!)

Anyway, Mr. DerSchmu has an excellent archive of longplay videos if you’re interested…

Italian Found Type


I’ve been away (again), this time type-spotting in the Italian Riviera. Lovely.

Butterfly Spotting


I’ve been away, Butterfly spotting in Slovakia.

Jiri Trnka – The Cybernetic Grandma (1962)

Fantastic 1962 animation by Czech film-maker Jiri Trnka. One of the better ways to spend 30min today.

Chris Marker x Walerian Borowczyk – Les Astronautes (1959)

Short film by Chris Marker and Walerian Borowczyk from 1959. Lovely.

Dada Archive


Excellent Archive of Dada publications put together by the University of Iowa.

Maya Deren x Marcel Duchamp – Witch’s Cradle (1943)

Unfinished film by Maya Deren featuring Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel Duchamp – Anemic Cinema (1926)

Anemic Cinema by Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel Duchamp – Discs (1947)

Short by Marcel Duchamp from the Hans Richter film Dreams That Money Can Buy.

Mechanical Ballet – Fernand Leger (1924)

Mechanical Ballet by Fernand Leger (1924). Amazing to think all these edits are done by hand with the print and a splicer – no Premiere or After Effects here…

Len Lye

The beautiful work of Len Lye.

UPDATE: As you will see from the comments – Roger Horrocks has written what looks to be a great book on Len Lye (which also includes a DVD of some of the films). Available to buy in the UK from Amazon, and there are some further links for international orders in the comments.