The Holy Mountain (1973) – Poster Art


A selection of some of the original artwork for The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Just for fun.

Polish Poster

And a recent one from 2009 designed by Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun.

Jiri Trnka – The Cybernetic Grandma (1962)

Fantastic 1962 animation by Czech film-maker Jiri Trnka. One of the better ways to spend 30min today.

Zombie Zomie – Battleship Potemkin – La Boca T


Here’s a sneak preview of a new T’shirt we’ve designed and released in tribute to our fellow space travellers, Zombie Zombie and their re-score of Battleship Potemkin. A limited number are available to buy now at the shows (anyone at the London BFI show on Friday would of had the first chance to buy one). Available in either white or grey – they will hit our shop soon…

Jean-Luc Godard – Socialism (2010)


I somehow managed to return from the Cannes Film Festival in one piece – not a vintage year for films – but fun all the same. One bit of design that caught my eye this year was this little press book for the new Godard movie Socialism. We did a bit of work on the poster for the film last year, but this book was art directed by the great man himself. Knowingly understated, quite powerful in it’s simplicity – and arriving with a nice set of little badges! Only made to be given to buyers and press, so you’ll probably need to keep an eye on eBay if you’re after one of these.

Godard has also made a great trailer for the movie – the entire film sped up to 1min7secs. class.

Rubber – Quentin Dupieux (2010)


I’m currently in Cannes for our annual trip to the film festival. Unusually, not many films to get excited about this year so far…  except one. Rubber, the new film from Mr. Oizo. Can’t wait.

Rabbit a La Berlin – Bartosz Konopka (2009)

Very intrigued by this movie. Hope I can catch it somewhere…

Nobuhiko Obayashi – Hausu (1977)


Released on DVD in the UK for the first time on 25/01/2010 by Eureka!. Can’t wait.

Zombie Zombie – Battleship Potemkin


This weekend I’ve been in Paris to see our pals Zombie Zombie play a live score to Battleship Potemkin at the very nice amphitheater in Cité de la Musique. Great show, and an interesting audience – 50% Parisian hipsters X 50% Parisian OAPs? – but somehow it all came together and judging by the triple standing ovation at the end most people seemed to have enjoyed themselves. I’m hoping for more shows like this next year please.

James Cameron – Avatar (2009)


I was very honoured to attend the world premiere of Avatar last night. And WOW! It’s incredible – one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen! The plot is not perfect and there are plenty of cheesy Hollywood moments, but for once none of this matters – It’s like a Roger Dean record sleeve brought to life, but in stunning high def 3D?

After seeing the trailers and reading all the hype I wasn’t really expecting much, but after about 30minutes I was totally immersed. Vivid colours, perfect details and breathtaking landscapes – this film changes everything.

Gary Hustwit – Objectified (2009)


The USB edition of Objectified arrived in the post the other day. Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I enjoyed Helvetica so I’m hoping this new one from Gary Hustwit will be just as good. Anyway, the packaging by Build is lovely in itself – it comes with 5 little letterpress posters, a C-print still, a tote bag, a badge, and a cute little 16gb USB key containing the film. Limited to 500 copies, they’re available to order from here.

Sam Taylor-Wood – Nowhere Boy (2009)

Last night I attended the premier of Nowhere Boy, the debut feature by Sam Taylor-Wood. It’s quite a touching story on the early life of John Lennon and features some lovely imagery (which I guess can be expected) and a great score by Goldfrapp. Released in the UK on December 25th

Wes Anderson – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of the new Wes Anderson movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was definitely worth digging out the old tux for. If you liked any of his previous movies you should definitely find a few things in this one to make you smile – just the art and craft alone has got to be worth the admission price. Out in the UK on 23rd October.