Space Sentinels (1977)

Space Sentinels – Episode 1: “Morpheus: The Sinister Sentinel” Created by Hal Sutherland
(The man responsible for: He Man, Flash Gordon, Fat Albert etc).

Via: Network Awesome.

Berberian Sound Studio – Opening Credits

Lovely opening credits by Julian House (music by Broadcast) for the Peter Strickland movie Berberian Sound Studio. Such a shame his posters for the film never quite made it to print in their original form.

Ikarie XB1 – Dir. Jindrich Polák (1963)

Back when sci-fi films were actually about ideas, emotions and of course, science, the Czechs produced this wonderful film Ikarie XB1 (US title: Voyage to the End of the Universe). see more…

Pierre Cardin Bubble House – Cannes

Continuing this weeks Cannes theme. Many, many moons ago (2002), we designed the UK theatrical posters for the release of Oshii Mamoru’s Avalon. To this day one of our fondest Cannes memories was attending the launch party for the film which was held in the incredible Pierre Cardin ‘Bubble’ House. Just wish I hadn’t drunk so much on the night and could remember it more clearly! More pix and background info on the house here.

Cannes Film Festival Poster Art

This week we’re off on our annual trip to the Cannes Film Festival. Lot’s of work, lot’s of films, and (inevitably) lots of parties – it’s a tough job…
To get in the mood, here’s a little look at some of our favourite Cannes posters from over the years, starting with our absolute favourite by Michel Landi from 1981. Stylist have a nice gallery of more over here.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting in Cannes please get in touch.

La Boca x Fiona Banner


Here’s a look at a poster we’ve created with artist Fiona Banner exploring the great unmade Orson Welles screenplay for the Heart Of Darkness. This one-off poster is rendered in graphite at 113.5×172.5cm and forms part of a suite of hand-made posters created by Fiona in collaboration with six film poster designers (including some of the greats like Empire Design and Graham Humphries). The full set can be seen here.

The posters are on show at the 1301PE gallery in LA until May 5th.

All City – Dir. Henry Chalfant (1983)

1983 Hip Hop doc by Henry Chalfant.

Zardoz – dir. John Boorman (1974)


Maurice Binder (1925-1991)

The genius of Maurice Binder.

Black Swan Shop


Fox Searchlight have launched a new online shop stocking a range of Black Swan merchandise that they’ve produced, including T’shirts, posters and the very first mouse mat to feature a La Boca design.

Starcrash (1979) – dir. Luigi Cozzi

From Russia With Love – Robert Brownjohn (1963)

A classic Bond title sequence that I never grow bored of by Robert Brownjohn.