La Boca for Fortune Magazine


Here’s a little illustration we made to accompany an article on the future of renewable energy in the last issue of Fortune Magazine.

Pomp Magazine


Here’s a new illustration we’ve created for the current issue of Pomp Magazine to accompany an article on the rising importance of Silicon Roundabout in East London.

GreenSource Magazine


Illustration for GreenSource magazine to accompany an article on the growing popularity of retro alternative energy source Solar Power.

Wired Magazine US – June 2010


We’re delighted to have this full page illustration in the current US edition of Wired Magazine. It’s the first issue of the mag to have it’s own iPad app, so we’ve also made a few special variations that only feature in there.

MGMT – GQ Magazine (June)


We’ve made this little pic of MGMT for the June issue GQ Magazine – out today

Wired Magazine UK (May 2010)


We have a couple of illustrations in the new issue of Wired Magazine UK. Commissioned to accompany the article “A Sharp Focus on CCTV”.

+1 Magazine

We’ve designed the cover for the forthcoming issue of our favourite free mag +1 Magazine. Should be in shops around the end of July, and will also include a feature on the relentless battle of La Boca vs DC Recordings (with some awful images of us I suspect!).

Self Portrait

Here’s a quick self-portrait I’ve made for a forthcoming magazine article featuring La Boca – more on that later…

Men’s Health numbers

We have just completed a custom number set for June 2008 issue of Men’s Health. The numbers accompany the annual “100 perfect things in Health” feature.

Trax illustration

Traxx Magazine illustration

Cover illustration of Simian Mobile Disco for French dance magazine Trax.