Haunted Air

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Haunted Air is a beautiful new book by Ossian Brown, featuring his collection of anonymous Hallowe’en photographs, lovingly resurrected from garage sales and junk shops across America. The images are both chilling and intriguing, and remind us of a time when this Pagan tradition meant something far more than selling themed goods. There’s a foreword by David Lynch, and (more importantly) a rather poetic afterword by long-time La Boca friend, colleague and inspiration, Geoff Cox (described as “ornate and bejewelled writing” on 6Music a couple of weeks ago). Essential viewing/reading we think.

Available at Amazon now.

Published by Jonathan Cape
ISBN: 978-0224089708

Super Sad True Love Story


Here’s a book cover we’ve designed for Super Sad True Love Story, a new sci-fi novel by American writer Gary Shteyngart. Text on the cover is printed in a lovely rainbow foil, and we twisted a few arms to get an all-over print on the reverse inside flaps. Published in the UK on September 2nd by Granta.

Dada Archive


Excellent Archive of Dada publications put together by the University of Iowa.



I really like these little Peanuts books by Charles M. Schulz. Each one is around 14.5cm square and printed in 3 colours throughout, but it’s the beautiful simplicity of both the design and content that makes them such a charming set. Here’s the details on the ones I have:

“Security Is A Thumb And A Blanket” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Determined Productions (1963). Designed by Jim Young.

“I Need All The Friends I can get” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Determined Productions (1964). Designed by Jim Young.

“Love Is Walking Hand In Hand” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Paul Hamlyn Ltd (1965). Designed by Determined Productions.

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I received my copy of the rather tasty Folkways earlier this week. Beautifully designed by Spin (of course), published by Unit Editions, and a bargain at £7.50. Lovely. Highly recommended.



We have a few spreads in Flashback, the new book from Vict:onary documenting the wealth of designers partaking in this new-fangled Retro design malarkey. Due to the amount of content in these books the results are often mixed, but overall, this one’s a nice addition to the book shelf and probably worth seeking out if you’re into this kind of stuff I think.

Pump House Gallery – Indian Summer Party

Summer Party Invite

A little soiree occurring tomorrow night, featuring a special reading by Steve Strange of Anna & The Witch’s Bottle, the book we’ve designed with our pals Geoff Cox and Rohan Daniel Eason. Lots of other fun stuff happening on the night including a Terrier Derby and a Mini-Gin Palace hosted by Sacred Gin. See you there!

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The Book of Inspiration

We’re very happy to have a nice spread in this new publication by Computer Arts, The Book of Inspiration. The book features 45 artists from around the world, including luminaries such as Neville Brody, Hort, Jonathan Barnbrook and Non-Format. In shops now I think.

Doctor Who – Book Covers

As with most things Doctor Who related, I really love these old book covers. I plucked them from this great Doctor Who site. Just for fun.

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How Planes Fly

I recently picked up this lovely little Puffin Picture Book, How Planes Fly by Sydney E. Veale and ‘Wren’. Published in 1953, the book is No.94 in the Picture Book series and features some very tasty illustrations – check the green jet-propelled Delta on the back cover!

Anna & The Witch’s Bottle

I’ve just received the first copies of this childrens book we’ve designed for our dear friend Geoff Cox. Anna & The Witch’s Bottle is written by Geoff and sublimely illustrated by a new friend, Rohan Daniel Eason (the combination of story and image is quite magical!).

Published by Black Maps Press in an edition of 300, the book should be available sometime this summer. Few more spreads after the jump…

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Our Universe Book

Thanks to Strictly Kev, I’m now the proud owner of “Our Universe” by Roy A. Gallant. Published in 1980 by National Geographic the book is a kind of accompaniment to the Our Universe kit that I posted up a while back. The book itself features a plethora of Space related fun including chapters on each of the (known) planets in our solar system, and a lovely section on “Shuttles & Starships.

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