Dada Archive


Excellent Archive of Dada publications put together by the University of Iowa.

Maya Deren x Marcel Duchamp – Witch’s Cradle (1943)

Unfinished film by Maya Deren featuring Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel Duchamp – Anemic Cinema (1926)

Anemic Cinema by Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel Duchamp – Discs (1947)

Short by Marcel Duchamp from the Hans Richter film Dreams That Money Can Buy.

Alejandro Jodorowsky – Fábulas Pánicas


Great Jodorowsky cartoons from the Fábulas pánicas series, created in around 66-67.

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I really like these little Peanuts books by Charles M. Schulz. Each one is around 14.5cm square and printed in 3 colours throughout, but it’s the beautiful simplicity of both the design and content that makes them such a charming set. Here’s the details on the ones I have:

“Security Is A Thumb And A Blanket” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Determined Productions (1963). Designed by Jim Young.

“I Need All The Friends I can get” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Determined Productions (1964). Designed by Jim Young.

“Love Is Walking Hand In Hand” by Charles M. Schulz.
Published by Paul Hamlyn Ltd (1965). Designed by Determined Productions.

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Norman McLaren

The wonderful work of Norman McLaren. A lovely DVD boxset was released in the UK by Soda Pictures a couple of years ago – and looks like they still have some available from their site (but may well be knocking about cheaper elsewhere by now!).

Jan Lenica


The amazing work of Polish artist Jan Lenica (1928-2001)

Len Lye

The beautiful work of Len Lye.

UPDATE: As you will see from the comments – Roger Horrocks has written what looks to be a great book on Len Lye (which also includes a DVD of some of the films). Available to buy in the UK from Amazon, and there are some further links for international orders in the comments.

The Art of Sun Ra


Sleeve design has been in the news quite a bit recently, what with the new set of stamps from Royal Mail and the AV awards. So, I thought it was a good excuse to have a look back at some proper record sleeves – The incredible art of Sun Ra.

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Mr. Benn

Very happy to read that the residents of Festing Road in Putney now have an engraved paving stone outside No. 52 in honour of my childhood friend Mr. Benn and his creator David McKee. I’m hoping they do one for Danger Mouse in Parliament Square next.

Heinz Edelmann – Der Phantastische Film (1970)

Short but sweet TV ident by illustrator, Heinz Edelmann (Yellow Submarine) for Der Phantastische Film, a TV film show broadcast on German TV station ZDF in the 70′s/80s. I completely missed the news that Edelmann passed away in July earlier this year, so this is a rather belated note of respect from us.