Last night we went along to see the new A/V live show by Chris Cunnigham at the Royal Festival Hall. The main performance centered on a large video triptych accompanied by an original score, also by Cunningham, and true to form, both audio and video are designed to pleasantly fuck with your head a little bit. The first half in particular grips you relentlessly, almost to the point where you’re not sure if the experience is enjoyable or not.

Overall, the video work is of course incredible, but unfortunately it relies largely on reworkings of the recognisable stuff we’ve seen before such as Rubber Jonny and the symmetrical Playstation girl – I think I was hoping to see a bit more new work in the show.

Support on the night came from Beak>, the new project by Geoff Barrow of Portishead, which was OK(ish), but probably didn’t quite live up to expectations on the night. Overall, a mixed but enjoyable evening – especially the cocktails at Skylon afterwards.